Experimental Photoshoot

Hi, guys!  I took these photos a while ago of bubbles and the sunset.  The bubble pictures didn’t turn out that great though.  Please tell me what your favorite pictures is in the comments!  Enjoy!

experimental photoshoot 1experimental photoshoot 2experimental photoshoot 3experimental photoshoot 4experimental photoshoot 5experimental photoshoot 6experimental photoshoot 7experimental photoshoot 8experimental photoshoot 9

I had way more pictures, but Picmonkey wasn’t letting me save them. 😦  I hope you liked this post, bye!




Hi, & Welcome To My New Blog!

Hey!  My name is Kaitlyn, and welcome to my new blog!  I have been working on this blog for a while, and now it is finally done! 😀  My blog is a lifestyle blog so it will have random posts like photoshoots, my favorite crafts, updates, things I’m wanting to get done in the upcoming month, and my journey with the True King (aka Jesus)!  If you like my blog, please follow!  I’m working on some new posts so stay tuned.

Bye for now! 🙂