Giveaway For 200 Followers!!!

Hey! On my other blog, Kaits AG Crafts, I’m doing a giveaway! 😀 So, if you have a 18″ doll, be sure to check out this giveaway. Bye!

Kaits AG Crafts


Hey!  How’s your week going?  Mine’s going great because we just reached two hundred followers on this blog!!!!!  Thank you everyone for following us, you’re amazing! ❤  Because we now have two hundred followers, we are hosting a giveaway!  In the post, Retired American Girl Doll Clothes // Haul, we said that we were going to give away one of the outfits, but now we are giving two away and a extra surprise!

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Tunes Of My Heart Blog Tour

Hey guys!  Sorry I haven’t posted for a while.  I’ve been super busy with school and just life in general.  But today I’m going to be doing an interview with Rebekah for her new blog, Tunes Of My Heart!  So go check out her blog, and I hope you’ll enjoy the post!

What made you want to make, Tunes Of My Heart? I was really dying for a fresh start from Head In The Clouds (my former personal blog), as well as a brand new platform where I could share my writing/photography/ramblings! I guess I kinda grew out of Head In The Clouds, as I felt like it didn’t quite fit the “new” me. I was trying to fix some of the design problems and going through cringing at my old posts (XD), and I suddenly got this idea – why don’t I just start a brand new personal blog? I thought about it for a while and decided that it would be pretty nice to start afresh with a totally new site — also, the idea of a coordinated launch with one of my blogging friends, Julia Rose from, was enough motivation. 😉 

What is your new blog all about? Well, basically, it’s about me and my life mission of glorifying God in whatever I do — whether it’s writing, photography, or living life to the fullest!

What kind of posts will you be posting? A jumble of randomness and fun! It’ll be mainly centered around writing, where I’ll share some of my writing, writerly updates, articles, and more. But you may also expect photography, posts about life, and ponderings/reflections.

Here is the list of other people who will be doing posts for the blog tour this week.
February 14

Kaitlyn {My Life As The Daughter Of The True King}

Starling {Starling}

Enni {On The Wings Of A Dream}

February 15

Rose {A Purpose Of Winged Dogs}

February 16

Tess {Steeplechase}

Brooke Jade {It’s Brooke Jade}

Kirstie {Father’s Joy}

Arabella {Anything In The Wonderful Life}

Hannah {Crafts Of All Seasons}

Christina {Christina And Camera}

Madi {Madison Grace Author}

February 17

Emmie {American Girl World}

Julia Rose {Julia Rose}

Gaby {Quaint And Darling}

Lindsi {Elegance Is My Arrow}

Josie {Starlight And Sunshine}

Thank you, Rebekah, for answering all my questions!  Please go check out her two blogs Stuffie Adventures and Tunes Of My Heart!  Bye! 
P.S. Sorry the fonts are kinda weird in this post. 😦

Snippets Of The Fur Balls


Hey llamas!  How your week going?  Mines going pretty good, and todays my dad’s birthday!  Happy birthday Dad!!! 😀 ❤  So I brought my camera outside the other day and I took some pictures of the pets!  I hope you like them!



Our neighbours horse.








Roxie and Bella.


Percy is so fuzzy!!!


And Deezle the weasel! 😀

Have a great rest of your day, bye!





Colors Of Cuba


I’m back from Cuba, with a bunch of pictures for you guys!!!  But before we get into the post, I just wanted to say how spoiled we are to live where we are and having the stuff that we have and the money too.  Cuba was really an eye opener for me, driving past their houses, schools and hospitals, they’re really different than the ones in Canada and the US.  So even having the houses, schools and hospitals we have might not be that fancy, think about what other people have who are not as fortunate as we are to live where you are.


The first morning at our resort!








My sister thinks she can get me wet, and yes she can! 😆



I love this picture with all the colors!








On the fourth day we went to Cuba’s capital, Havana.





Then we went to the market.  I got five little maracas for each of my dolls!  They were the perfect size, and for only two dollars.


Me!  I also got my hair done in Cuba.







My brother attempting to snorkel! 😆


Cuba was an awesome trip, and one I’ll never forget.  Thanks for reading, bye!





Weekly Bible Verse// Week 4

Bible Verse 4

Isn’t it awesome to know that Jesus is blessing you, giving you peace and being gracious with you?  I sure think it is!  It sure is a comforting verse too, knowing that Jesus is always there for you.  What’s your Bible verse for the week?  I’ll be posting the pictures from my trip soon, bye!



My NEW Blog Design

Hey guys!  I’m back!!!!  I was looking at my blog design before I made this one, and it didn’t really feel like it fit the blog that well.  So I made a new one!  And I really like this one!  I’ll be posting my pictures from Cuba in a few days.  Tell me what you think of it, bye!




Surprise Trip! 🌴

Hey guys!  Guess what?!  I’m going to Cuba!  YAY!!!!!  I’ve only been to Cuba once, but that was when I was a baby.  So my parents surprised us kids, since it’s been really cold here in Canada, and we are going tomorrow!  I can’t wait!  And I’ll be taking a ton of pictures!  I can’t wait!  We’ll be there for eight days, so that’s plenty of time to take all the pictures needed. 😉  I can’t wait to spend time with my family while we are there.  BYE!!!!! 😀 😀 😀