My Tribute To My Aunt


Right now, I’m clinging to this song.  It describes exactly how I feel right now.  But I’ve got to remember that God is still here for me and that I still have to trust Him.  It’s been really tough these past few days, on everyone in my family because we just recently lost my aunt.  She died of cancer, but she is thankfully with Jesus now.  Even though it’s hard to say good bye, I know that it isn’t forever.  She was an amazing person!  She gave the best hugs, she always made you laugh and she gave the best gifts because she knew what all our interests were.  Or when she would point out in a picture and tell me how beautiful my smile was or that she loved which verse I chose for my Weekly Bible Verse.  But what made her amazing was that I could always count on her and she would always be there for me.  She even took time out of her day to come to my first gymkhana.  She was also the one who discovered Deezle and Percy and she was so excited when we brought them home.  I have so many amazing memorize of her that I couldn’t even put them all in this post!  I know it’s hard to say goodbye at a funeral, so for this case, it’s see you later.  I can’t wait to see my Auntie Lorna in Heaven one day.  But until then, see you later Auntie Lorna. ❤





23 thoughts on “My Tribute To My Aunt

  1. Kaitlyn, I’m so sorry for your loss. It must be such a comfort to know that she is with Jesus now. I’ll be praying for your family during this time.
    God bless,
    Lydia ❤

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  2. *Sends virtual hug* She sounds like a wonderful godly woman. You’ll see her again, and in the meantime it’s okay to miss her. I know this sounds cheesy and fake but it’s okay. (I have Blessings by Laura Story stuck in my head)

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