The Summer Tag

The Summer Tag

Hey!  I’m not officially back to my normal blogging schedule yet because school is almost out and tests and stuff…  But I thought it would be fun to host a summer tag!  Here’s how it works!


Thank the person who nominated you and give the link to their blog.

Nominate five other bloggers to do this tag.

Make up five summer themed questions.  Or you can use the questions the person who nominated you answered.

Do not ask any personal or inappropriate questions.

Please list these rules and the tags logo in your blog post.

Notify the bloggers you nominated and send them a link to your post.


My Questions:

What’s your favorite thing to photograph in summer?

Do you enjoy going to the pool or beach more?

What’s your favorite summer treat?

What’s your favorite summer movie?

Would you rather have a summer without Wi-Fi or your camera?


The Nominees:







There is no pressure to do this tag if you don’t feel like it or don’t have the time.  If you didn’t get nominated to do this award and you want too, go for it! 😀  These are just the people who came to mind.  Bye!



Kaitlyn signoff


14 thoughts on “The Summer Tag

    1. Thanks! 😀 I think I would have had fun, but I don’t think we’re going anymore. There’s a fire ban right now and it looks like it’s going to rain when we were planning on going. Thanks for asking though! 🙂

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