Be Aware Of The Dark Side// A True Story

Be Aware Of The Dark Side

This is a different post than I normally do, but I just have to get it out there.  I’m also not meaning to scare anyone with the stuff I’m about to say.  But like it says in the Bible,

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7


I knew about the devil’s demons.  I knew that they can torment you.  I knew what games like ouija boards are ways to let the devil into your life.  I knew that people could see things like demons and angels.  I’ve even seen an angel from God.  But I have seen a demon.  You don’t want to see demons.  They tell you things.  They can move things.  I’ve heard so many stories like these.  But I’ve never had someone in my family with the gift to see them constantly.  My little sister can.

Just today my sister told us why she has been sleepwalking everyday and crying.  Demons are also the reason she gives my parents such a hard time before bed.  She’s just so scared to see those things at night.  She never told us about them until today.  And to be honest, I was scared.  But yet, it was nice to know what I can pray against.  Yesterday, she bought herself her very own Bible.  So thinking about it, a little girl who sees things not from God gets her first real Bible, no wonder they were so bad last night.  But the thing I was scared of the most was what she is seeing.  So I gave her a pen and paper and she drew them.  She’s seven, but in her drawing you could see how scary they are.  I’m not even going to describe them to you guys.

But what is sad, is that she was so scared of them.  She never told us because she was scared of what they would do too her.  She said she sees them the most in dark areas and by the TV.  Which makes sense.  But she said while watching TV they would just be walking around right in front of her and she didn’t say anything too us.  I’m a safe place for my sister to come, but it just brakes my heart that she didn’t tell me sooner.  Although, I get it too.  You don’t know what they’ll do to you, but she didn’t know what they were.  But what do we have to fear?  We have Jesus!  He’s way bigger than anything or anyone.


You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 1 John 4:4


Why should we live in fear?  All we have to do when we’re scared is call on the name of Jesus and pray.  So if you see things, tell someone.  Let them pray over you, don’t be embarrassed.  I just want all of you to be aware of the darkness in this world.  We are living on Earth, not Heaven.  So these things happen.  But now, my sister is fine and we can pray against those things.  I’m just so thankful she told us.  Be carful what you watch, see and listen too.  Love you guys. ❤







12 thoughts on “Be Aware Of The Dark Side// A True Story

  1. How awful – this really brings me to a realization! I’ll definitely be praying for your sister and your family! Is she alright now?

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  2. (This is Mom now! Sorry, I don’t know how to do this otherwise! lo!) Thanks for this post, Kait. Yes, it was scary and we were sad, too, that she never told us until now. I don’t like the thought of you guys experiencing things like this on your own – we’re a team and we don’t need to be scared to tell each other this stuff! We have Jesus on our side and with Him, all things are possible. B is doing much better now and hasn’t seen them since we prayed throughout the house. And we’re teaching her how to do that herself so that if we aren’t around and she’s scared, she can take care of business on her own. Thank you for being such a great big sister and a safe place for her. She has such a good role model in you. Love you!

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