Happy Father’s Day To My Dad

I Love You Dad








I’m doing a different post than I normally do, but my dad means so much to me that I had to do this post.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  You are amazing.  I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.  You’ve picked me up when I’ve fallen, you’ve comforted me in the tough times.  You come running when I’m in trouble.  And when I’ve messed up, you’ve always forgiven me.  You put the rest of the family before you.  You make my dreams come true, like getting two horses when we were only getting one.  And you can be a little bit of a surprise with some things…  Like planning a last minute trip to Cuba.  Or taking us to the U.S. over the weekend to a hotel.  Even when we’re camping, you don’t want us to miss the Jets game, so you quickly put up a satellite dish attached to a ladder – the photo above.  Even the little things like proof reading some of my posts, or telling me what your favorite picture is and how I could improve with my photos.  I love you so much Dad, you are amazing.


I hope you had a great Father’s Day with your dad too. 🙂  Bye!






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