About Me!



Hello, welcome to my blog!  My name is Kaitlyn.  This is a lifestyle blog as you might have guessed!  I will be having a whole bunch of randomness on this blog like photoshoots, crafts, recipes and my journey with the True King (aka Jesus)!  Now to tell you a little bit about me.

I’m in the eighth grade, me and my family have six pets, I live in a village, I’m homeschooled, I’m a Christian (of course), my favorite desert is cheesecake, my favorite movies/TV shows are Heartland and Star Wars, I’m a barrel racer, I love spending time in the pasture with the horses, my favorite animals are horses and dolphins, I go to two youths, I also love taking pictures and blogging!


Now it’s your turn!  Tell me a little bit about it, if you want! 😉  Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully I’ll here from you soon, bye!





12 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. My name is Keith, i’m 24, back when I was 16, I gave my life to God and started preaching. The last 8 years of walking with God has been an roller coaster. I went from being at the top of the mountain, to being homeless and then Literally hiking mountains to become an US Marine. But, God’s AMAZING GRACE, LOVE, POWER has done great stuff in my life. I encourage you Kaitlyn, KEEP ON STRIVING for Jesus, Keep on Pursuing his amazing Love and he will do great things with you and through you and I see he is right now, with this blog, GOD IS Giving you a Stage to Glorify his Mighty Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more thing, Your name, in Hebrew means “PURE”. Something that is Pure is Set Apart and Surely, Your Set Apart for something Great. God Bless.

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    1. Oh wow, you have had an amazing journey with God! I really have no words for this comment! Thank you so much for encouraging me through this comment. I never knew my name means “pure” so thank you for telling me. Great job living for Jesus! 🙂

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