Happy Father’s Day To My Dad

I Love You Dad








I’m doing a different post than I normally do, but my dad means so much to me that I had to do this post.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  You are amazing.  I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.  You’ve picked me up when I’ve fallen, you’ve comforted me in the tough times.  You come running when I’m in trouble.  And when I’ve messed up, you’ve always forgiven me.  You put the rest of the family before you.  You make my dreams come true, like getting two horses when we were only getting one.  And you can be a little bit of a surprise with some things…  Like planning a last minute trip to Cuba.  Or taking us to the U.S. over the weekend to a hotel.  Even when we’re camping, you don’t want us to miss the Jets game, so you quickly put up a satellite dish attached to a ladder – the photo above.  Even the little things like proof reading some of my posts, or telling me what your favorite picture is and how I could improve with my photos.  I love you so much Dad, you are amazing.


I hope you had a great Father’s Day with your dad too. 🙂  Bye!






2018 Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List








Can you believe it?!  School’s out and summer begins!  Well, not for everyone, but it is for me!  I’ve never done a summer bucket list before, so I thought it would be fun to do my first one.  Lets begin!

Summer goals:

Finish training Deezle and Percy

Go to the beach

Take pictures of fireflies

Make some summery crafts

Not spend a single dollar all summer

Do a photo-shoot with my lil’ sister

Learn how to sew

Keep my pumpkins alive

Go to a stampede

Make doughnut burgers

I’m interested to see which ones I all follow through on. 😉  In the beginning of fall I’ll let you know which ones worked and which ones…  Didn’t.

What are you wanting to do this summer?  Please tell me in the comments down below, bye!




Be Aware Of The Dark Side// A True Story

Be Aware Of The Dark Side

This is a different post than I normally do, but I just have to get it out there.  I’m also not meaning to scare anyone with the stuff I’m about to say.  But like it says in the Bible,

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7


I knew about the devil’s demons.  I knew that they can torment you.  I knew what games like ouija boards are ways to let the devil into your life.  I knew that people could see things like demons and angels.  I’ve even seen an angel from God.  But I have seen a demon.  You don’t want to see demons.  They tell you things.  They can move things.  I’ve heard so many stories like these.  But I’ve never had someone in my family with the gift to see them constantly.  My little sister can.

Just today my sister told us why she has been sleepwalking everyday and crying.  Demons are also the reason she gives my parents such a hard time before bed.  She’s just so scared to see those things at night.  She never told us about them until today.  And to be honest, I was scared.  But yet, it was nice to know what I can pray against.  Yesterday, she bought herself her very own Bible.  So thinking about it, a little girl who sees things not from God gets her first real Bible, no wonder they were so bad last night.  But the thing I was scared of the most was what she is seeing.  So I gave her a pen and paper and she drew them.  She’s seven, but in her drawing you could see how scary they are.  I’m not even going to describe them to you guys.

But what is sad, is that she was so scared of them.  She never told us because she was scared of what they would do too her.  She said she sees them the most in dark areas and by the TV.  Which makes sense.  But she said while watching TV they would just be walking around right in front of her and she didn’t say anything too us.  I’m a safe place for my sister to come, but it just brakes my heart that she didn’t tell me sooner.  Although, I get it too.  You don’t know what they’ll do to you, but she didn’t know what they were.  But what do we have to fear?  We have Jesus!  He’s way bigger than anything or anyone.


You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 1 John 4:4


Why should we live in fear?  All we have to do when we’re scared is call on the name of Jesus and pray.  So if you see things, tell someone.  Let them pray over you, don’t be embarrassed.  I just want all of you to be aware of the darkness in this world.  We are living on Earth, not Heaven.  So these things happen.  But now, my sister is fine and we can pray against those things.  I’m just so thankful she told us.  Be carful what you watch, see and listen too.  Love you guys. ❤






How I Keep Jesus In My Every Day Life

How I Keep Jesus In My Every Day Life

Hello!  Welcome back to this little friendly blog. 🙂  Today, I’m going to be telling you how I keep Jesus in my every day life.  Let’s begin!



I’m pretty sure I sing sometimes more than I talk!  I don’t know if I’m a good singer, I don’t think I’m bad, but who cares!  I’m using my voice to sing to my savior.  Some of my favorite songs to sing too are Even If, Oceans, Children Of God and many more.  And when you sing, it also helps you not to be nervous.



I love to pray but to some people it’s a chore.  But to me, it’s one of my favorite parts of the day!  I don’t even do a full on prayer sometimes, but when I’m doing something and no one’s around, I just talk to Him.  And He’s happy to listen.  Sometimes when I don’t know the answer to something or I don’t know the meaning of a word I just ask Him what it is and He replies right away!


Read The Bible & Devotions

I have to say, I always love reading my daily devotions!  They’re just a great way to grow your relationship with Jesus!  The daily devotion book I read from is called, Teen to Teen: 365 Daily Devotions by Teen Girls for Teen Girls.  It’s such a great book and if you’re a teen girl and don’t have a daily devotion book, I totally recommend this one!  But I have to admit, it’s harder for me to read the Bible if I go on and off.  But once I really get into reading it, I’m off!


Speak In Tongues

Speaking in tongues is an amazing thing.  I think I might have to do a post about speaking in tongues, but trust me it’s an amazing gift that anyone can receive.  Jesus said that speaking in tongues is a supernatural sign that anyone who believes in Him can receive.  Speaking in tongues also makes the devil go crazy because I’m speaking a different language that only Jesus, and people who God gave a gift too, can understand.  It takes practice to learn how to speak in tongues and you have to be patient, but it’s so rewarding!  If you want to learn more about it read, 1 Corinthians 14:2.  But I think I’ll do a post about it too in the future.



Again, those are just some of the things I do to stay connected to Him!  What do you do to stay connected to Jesus?  Talk to you all soon, bye! 🙂 ❤



Kaitlyn signoff

Blogging Break

Blogging Break Image

Hello!  So as you can see from the title, I’ll be taking a little bit of a blogging break. It’s been amazing weather outside and we’re going camping on May long!  So I can’t wait for that. 🙂  I think it’ll be tons of fun!

Image result for palomino camper
Not my image.

We also just bought a new camper that fits on the back of our truck, so all six of us will be sleeping in it…  But thankfully my parents said I can tent instead!  So I’m going to be tenting it. 🙂  I don’t know when I’ll start posting again, it won’t be for maybe a month?  I’m sorry about this, but I just need a break from the internet for a while.  Sorry. ❤