Summer’s Turning Into Fall// A Summer Recap 🍂🐿️

Summer Recap








Yes, hello, I’m back.  And I’m not leaving you guys for a long time!  But summer has ended and fall is right around the corner.  But thankfully, I love fall!  My mom on the other hand, well, fall comes before winter and she doesn’t like to think about that.



But during this summer we had some new family members come in and we finally got a pool!  More on that later.  Anyways, the reason these photos of the field are funny looking it’s because there are a lot of forest fires happening right now.  So all the smoke travels to where I live.

First day we got our pool.









This is our above ground pool!  This is the first picture I took of it and the first day we used it.  The water was so cold.  I’ll post some updated photos of it soon because we decorated our deck with lights and made a little shelf off of the deck so that there isn’t that big gap between the pool and the deck.

Look at Percy!









On the first day of August, it was the day that marked one year with Deezle and Percy!  They have been amazing horses to us, and I love them so much.  But we haven’t been able to ride them yet, because they were more green than green broke, so we’re sending them to a trainer for a month later in September.


This summer, I also got to play with a few of Pinky’s grandkittens!  So these are Skittles’ kittens, and Skittles was one of Pinky’s kittens from her last littler.  Skittles was also my kitten before we gave them to our neighbours/friends.



Roxie had six puppies on July 21!  They are so cute!  There are four girls and two boys.  And right now, they are so much fun!  Updated photos coming soon.


But sadly, we had to sell Bella.  She was such a happy dog, but she was very dumb.  And that’s putting it nicely.  But we also didn’t really try to train her because my dad didn’t have the time.  But we sold her to a trainer, and now she has a great home.










I also went to go see Cavalia!  It’s an amazing horse show.  I’m really happy I went to go see it, thank you Grandma for taking me and Mom!  If you want to know more about them, click here – click me!  And we also went to a rodeo this summer too!  But sadly, I didn’t bring my camera along.


What I’ve all done this summer on my bucket list:


Finish training Deezle and Percy – No.  Sadly, that’s why I’m sending them to the trainer.

Go to the beachNope.  Because we got the pool instead!

Take pictures of firefliesWe had no fireflies this year!  It was so sad.

Make some summery craftsI made fall ones, does that count?

Not spend a single dollar all summerYes!  I followed this one for me!  My wallet is thanking me.  But I did have to spend money on the horses, otherwise, they’d be dead.

Do a photo-shoot with my lil’ sister Yep!  But the pictures didn’t turn out great.

Learn how to sewSadly, no.

Keep my pumpkins aliveYep, still living!

Go to a stampedeYes, it was a lot of fun!  I love the barrel racers.

Make doughnut burgers*cries* No.


Just to let you know, my blogging schedule wont be followed for a while because if you didn’t know, I don’t think I told you guys, but I’m going to be doing a little bit of public school this year.  Let me explain, I’m still going to be home-schooled for my high school years but I’m taking one class each semester at out local high school.  For this semester I’m doing wood works!  So it should be fun.  Then the second semester, Home Ec.  School comes first when it comes to blogging.  But don’t worry, I should still be posting once or twice a week.  Also, my fourteenth birthday is on September 1st!  So I’ll be doing a post on that pretty soon.


Thank you for not losing hope on me over the summer!  Thank you for all your support on this blog, bye!




2017 Recap 🎉


Hey guys!!!  Happy, almost, 2018! 😀  It sounds so wired saying that…  Any who, a lot of amazing stuff happened in 2017 and I thought it would be cool to do a 2017 recap.  So, let’s get into it! 😀



So one of the first awesome this that happened in 2017 was that I met Miri! She is super sweet and really funny!  I met up with Miri a few more times in summer too, it was really fun!


  Then I made this blog too this year!  I’m super glad I did and I already have 75 amazing followers!  Thank you so much you guys! 😀


  I also had a summer full of dogs and horses!  So Roxie, had her litter of eight puppies this year and they were a ton of fun!  But yet they were a lot of work.


 On July first, I met my beloved horse, Deezle! 😀  Then on August first we brought Deezle, and his cousin Percy, home with us!  My parents surprized me with both of them.  It was the most amazing surprize ever!


It was also my 13th birthday in September! 😀



I also won Madi’s, Create-Your-Own Doll Giveaway!  This was an amazing day too!  Thank you again Madi so very much! 😀 ❤


So those are some of AMAZING things that happened in 2017.  It’s really sad that it’s over.  But now we have a whole new year with amazing things going to happen in 2018.

Happy New Year everyone! ❤