Weekly Bible Verse// Week 11

The Lord Guards

Isn’t that amazing to know that the Lord, our God, is our shepherd?  I think it is.  And I also think it’s amazing that I don’t have to fear evil!  Because what we have, Jesus, is way bigger than anything that comes in our way.

What’s your Bible verse for the week?  Have a great evening, bye!





Weekly Bible Verse// Week 10

I can do all things...

Wow, I can do a ton of things through Him!  All I got to do it trust Him.  I know it’s hard to put your trust in someone you can’t see, but believe me, He’s real.  All you got to do is trust Him.  And He’ll reward you in the end!  Also, I just want to say, thank you for all your prayers for my family through this hard time. ❤




Weekly Bible Verse// Week 9

Don't give up

I’m hanging on this verse right now.  It’s hard not to give up, but yet not.  I have faith in God to heal my Aunt from cancer, but if you give up, then verbalise she’s won’t make it, you’re saying that she won’t make it.  Your words are blessings or curses.  So chose your words wisely.  I know it’s hard when you think your about to lose a loved one, but you can’t give up.  If you give up, and if your family gives up, there’s no hope.  So what I’m saying is, don’t give up.  God will reward you for not giving up.  But right now, I’m praying she is healed.  And thankfully, she’s doing way better now, thanks to Jesus!  But we still continue to pray for complete healing. ❤




Weekly Bible Verse// Week 6 & Photography Competition – Day 5 & 6// Something That You Use Daily & Something That Makes You Smile

The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you

Hello!  Sorry this post is late, and for the long title, I had my friend over today and I was busy with school yesterday.  So I’m posting it today! 😀  I’ve heard this verse how many times, but every time I do, it comforts me and gives me hope!  It’s an amazing verse. ❤

Day 5


Day 6


For the first picture, is the computer.  I use it daily, more than I should! XD  And for the second picture, is a snowman my siblings made yesterday!  It looks at our dinner table and makes me smile every time!  What’s your Bible verse for the week, talk to you soon, bye!





Weekly Bible Verse// Week 5

2 Timothy

So true!  We are not born with a sprit of fear but of sound mind, power and love.  So if you’re blaming God for being fearful, you should rethink that. 😉  In this world there is fear, but God didn’t say you should be fearful.  So in situations where you are scared ask God for a sound mind, He answers!



Weekly Bible Verse// Week 4

Bible Verse 4

Isn’t it awesome to know that Jesus is blessing you, giving you peace and being gracious with you?  I sure think it is!  It sure is a comforting verse too, knowing that Jesus is always there for you.  What’s your Bible verse for the week?  I’ll be posting the pictures from my trip soon, bye!



Weekly Bible Verse// Week 3

Bible Verse 3

So, how’s your week going? 😉  Mine’s going pretty good, except that school stared up again…  But some how I’ll find a way to get over it! 😛  It’s also been pretty warm outside these past few days too!  It’s been great for taking pictures.  Any ways, this is a pretty great verse, don’t you think?  What’s your Bible verse for this week?  Have a great day, bye!




Weekly Bible Verse// Week 2

Be strong

Isn’t this an amazing verse?  What’s your favorite Bible verse?  Also, I won’t be doing my Q&A today. 😦  Sorry about that, I’ll be doing it on Thursday instead.  I’ve just been so busy lately with exams and just school in general.  It’s the last week of school until winter break (well, for me)!  Have a great Monday, bye!