Weekly Bible Verse// Week 3

Bible Verse 3

So, how’s your week going? ūüėȬ† Mine’s going pretty good, except that school stared up¬†again…¬† But some how I’ll find a way to get over it! ūüėõ¬†¬†It’s also been pretty warm¬†outside these past few days too!¬† It’s been great for taking pictures.¬† Any ways, this is a pretty great verse, don’t you think?¬† What’s your Bible verse for this week?¬† Have a great¬†day, bye!





Weekly Bible Verse// Week 2

Be strong

Isn’t this an amazing verse?¬† What’s your favorite Bible verse?¬† Also, I won’t be doing my Q&A today. ūüė¶¬† Sorry about that, I’ll be doing it on Thursday instead.¬† I’ve just been so busy lately with exams and just school in general.¬†¬†It’s the last week of school until winter break (well, for me)!¬† Have a great Monday, bye!




Weekly Bible Verse & New Blogging Schedule!

Verse 1

Hello Lovelies!¬†¬†I’m going to be posting a new¬†Bible verse every week!¬† So this weeks verse is, 1 Timothy 4:12.¬† This is¬†one of my favorite verse in the Bible.¬†¬†I’ve also made a blogging schedule!¬† I’ve never made one before, so I’m REALLY hoping I’ll be sticking to this!¬† I’ll be posting every Monday, Thursday and Saturday!¬† I also have a bunch of new post ideas.¬† Have a great Monday!