Weekly Bible Verse// Week 2

Be strong

Isn’t this an amazing verse?  What’s your favorite Bible verse?  Also, I won’t be doing my Q&A today. 😦  Sorry about that, I’ll be doing it on Thursday instead.  I’ve just been so busy lately with exams and just school in general.  It’s the last week of school until winter break (well, for me)!  Have a great Monday, bye!





Weekly Bible Verse & New Blogging Schedule!

Verse 1

Hello Lovelies!  I’m going to be posting a new Bible verse every week!  So this weeks verse is, 1 Timothy 4:12.  This is one of my favorite verse in the Bible.  I’ve also made a blogging schedule!  I’ve never made one before, so I’m REALLY hoping I’ll be sticking to this!  I’ll be posting every Monday, Thursday and Saturday!  I also have a bunch of new post ideas.  Have a great Monday!